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February 2, 2012

The Bayonet

This Thanksgiving I found myself at a table with my uncle and my cousin’s grandfather, veterans of Vietnam and World War II respectively.  We talked about normal family things, but at some point the conversation turned to war.  With great interest I listened to them exchange stories about the forests of Alsace Lorraine and the jungles surrounding Saigon.  It was at this point that my uncle began talking about Vietnam and his experiences there as an 18 year old Marine.  It’s not hard to feel lazy and sheltered when you’re listening to someone recall their

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January 7, 2012

Insurgency Pistols

The term insurgency has evoked differing connotations over the past century, especially in regards to American foreign relations.  Today we hear of insurgencies in a negative context; evoking images of people fighting against American interests in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.  The term “insurgent” has even been linked with the term “terrorist” over the past decade by some who incorrectly assume the terms are synonymous.  But regardless of current political complexities, insurgencies were once very strongly supported by our government and were very useful tools in fighting stronger forces.  One of the best examples of an insurgency is the French

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