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September 13, 2011

Driver: Revisited

So I’ve had a chance to really dig into Driver: San Francisco and I have to say that its a much better game than the opening story led me to believe.  My earlier review may have been too harsh, and its time to look at it now that I’ve managed to play a number of different game modes.  Brandon and I played a lot of co-op this evening, running from the cops in various different types of cars, and I will say that the game is incredibly addictive with another person playing locally.  Leveling up in the online multiplayer lobbies is another addicting aspect of the game, as is earning money in the story mode to buy new perks, cars, and garages.  And that’s what a driving game should be.  Hardly any are centered on deep stories, so it may have been unfair to judge it so harshly, especially when I was coming off of the great stories that Deus Ex and Resistance have to offer.

Variety in game modes makes it hard to put the controller down

There is one especially fun game where you and a partner attempt to escape the police, with your car changing through every checkpoint you pass through.  And the fact that there are different models and years of the vehicles lets you find out if a Diablo or a Countach is faster (Diablo, but the Countach is much cooler looking).  So I’ll revisit the question, and say that yes, this game is worth buying, especially if you like driving games or have played a Driver game in the past.

The map is huge and includes densely packed streets to off-road tracks

But enough reviews about Driver: San Francisco.  Next we’re gonna look into violence in video games and a very special review of the FN-P90.