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October 22, 2011

Video Game Sci-fi that might not be Fictional Soon, by Jsixgun

Virtual/Interactive Reality

I would argue that video games are as effective as any medium today in exploring the realm of science fiction, and blurring that line between it and reality. Anyone who has a hankering for science fiction can easily name drop some of the obvious science fiction tech in movies that scientists today are really working on. I mean Gene Roddenberry himself has described his vision of Star Trek being almost wholly based on real science theory. While we haven’t yet achieved the same results, nor have we been able to punch Klingon’s in their pruned faces yet, we are in fact chasing the core principles to one day develop those same results. Maybe one day you too can have a green alien / lingerie model in your bed, besides intergalactic pimping is going to be a legitimate business one day soon (at least I hope or I’ve been seriously duped from that e-mail I got once into investing in to that Nigerian savings fund for a start up in that field).

The purpose of this series, however, is not to give you solid investing advice. The purpose is to highlight some technological advancements and compare them to their video game brethren so we can see just how close we really are to some very interesting tech. Shall we continue?

"So all I do is tap my wrist for this virtual computer thing?”

One of my favorite in game examples of this concept is Commander Shephard’s Omni-tool and from the looks of the highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 it’s going to get a throat slashing, belly ripping, completely awesome upgrade. But the idea is certainly not unique to Mass Effect. Another of the many culprits to use this gimmick is Heavy Rain. When you play as FBI agent Norman Jayden, you have to interact with the clues you’ve collected to try and formulate a case in a virtual and interactive world called ARI. You do this with the help of a glove and some very slick looking shades that operate cohesively to make the virtual world a quasi-reality. Take a look at in action here:

If you weren’t rebellious and watched the video you’ll notice Agent Jayden interacting with spheres, files in a filing cabinet, a pull down map, etc. (except he does this all in a virtual world). Well the idea of interacting with virtual objects isn’t so crazy any more. Microsoft’s research department has used none other than the Kinect to create something they call the “Holodesk.” Compare it to the former clip:

Now if you’re thinking the two clips showcase very different technology, than I would like to remind you that the Wright brother’s probably didn’t anticipate their flying machine to one day turn into jet propelled, sound barrier breaking, hunks of pure flying death. Considering the rapid advancement in scientific theory, circuitry, and computing; it is in no way out of the realm of possibility to see the idea’s emerging into the same concept possibly in our own lifetimes. Besides, perhaps if we find out there are not indeed green alien/ lingerie models waiting in the cosmos for us we can bring them to us in virtual reality. And don’t be a perv about it, it’s strictly plutonic.

Till next time, when we will look at some Fallout tech that is seeing a real world counterpart.