Resogun and how I caught the ADD

Sony has now mandated that online play on the Playstation 4 requires a $50/year PS+ subscription. And while that’s certainly a step back from the PS3, we are complimented with a handful of free games right at launch to go along with the subscription. The only one I’ve played so far is the acclaimed Resogun, and it has earned every bit of praise it has so far received. So much so that I’ve made time for a

game or two every evening after some incredible sessions of Battlefield 4 (of which I’m saving my final review for when the remaining modes are finally released, such as the 64 player Conquest).

I went into Resogun assuming it would be another mindless one-off time sink, much like the 360’s Hexic. However, what I discovered was an intriguing mix of old school arcade atmosphere draped in next-gen graphics, and my eyes were immediately splattered with a frantic insanity that quickly proved addictive.

Resogun is the perfect mix of difficult and rewarding, dumping trophies into your lap as you chain together explosions for higher and higher points. The crumbling city in the background serves to wow as the extreme level of detail exists subtly behind the action, reminding you at every turn of the impressive power of this new console. Overall, the replay value may be limited once all trophies have been obtained, but it is a great must-have for those considering a PS4 and a great example of how to do a free launch game.

Of course, there are other free launch games and plenty of other AAA titles that I’ve bought, not to mention the Xbox One coming on Friday. More to come soon!


2 Comments to “Resogun and how I caught the ADD”

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