Next Gen and the Things To Come

A short one today folks.  I’ve got preorders ready for both the PS4 and the Xbox One, and a slew of games I’ll have as a backlog for weeks.  This is made all the more exciting because my first preordered next gen game is none other than the infamous Call of Duty: Ghosts.  Much maligned by many online gamers, beloved by others speaking with their wallets, I’ve been a long time CoD fan from the beginning.  And though my interest, and my friends’ interests, have certainly waned over the years, leaving this my least anticipated CoD game to-date, it certainly remains the first firm evidence that the next generation is just around the bend.


So perhaps I’m more excited about the big blue PS4 at the top, and I’m much more excited about the launch day Battlefield 4 I’ll receive shortly, but at least it now seems real.  Plus, CoD will always remain a great game to play casually with friends while racing to the bottom of another bottle.  More updates to come soon with these new consoles releasing later in the month! 


One Comment to “Next Gen and the Things To Come”

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