The one where the honeymoon ended with Battlefield 3.

Other than a couple of months where real life so obnoxiously interfered with my BF3 gaming, I’ve been a hardcore fan of the title and have played it non-stop for nearly a year.  That’s why this post comes with reluctant sadness:  my days of love for the game may be coming to a close.  It’s not because I’ve just grown bored with it.  In fact, many games in my past have far outlived Battlefield 3.  I played Perfect Dark 64 well into college, years after it was first released and the N64 was obsolete, and I’ve recently been playing some of the old NES games I’ve drug out of my closet.  Hell, even Call of Duty, which some could persuasively argue is basically the same game since 2007, gets plenty of play time with me.  But Battlefield is different.  The difference lies within its changes, which is ironic, considering most, if not all, people want games to change and evolve over time, myself included.  But amidst all the DLC came patches as well, one of which in general had me somewhat alarmed.  It was the change that allowed the privatization of servers.  I was skeptical at first, but that reluctance abated when I played and found out it gave the game some greater variety.  Hell, it was actually a pretty cool update I thought.  But just as Trojans first thought they had received a great gift horse, I noticed a dark underside to the change.  At first it was just abusive admins, something I can live with.  Getting kicked for killing an admin was almost a badge of honor.  But then it kept happening, and I was getting frustrated.  A few days later I started trying to spawn with my teammates, only to notice we were spawned outside of the map.  The other team kept PTFO while we bled tickets, my team hiding like a bunch of idiots on the outside trying to snipe and get their K/D’s up.  The admins, here, did nothing.  I was a lone wolf trying my best to get some objectives but ultimately I’d quit.  If I wanted to play with a bunch of pussies I’d go back to Amsterdam.  It happened level after level, and I’d either be on the cheating team or be playing against the cheaters, and neither is fun.  Hell, some servers openly promote such tactics.

The wording is ambiguious, and I attempted to give them the benefit of the doubt. But glitching and cheating doesn’t equate to “goodbye!”. It was simply an instruction to glitch and cheat, and the goodbye represents the end of their “Dirty Rules!”  It’s an admin sanctioned cheating server…

And so it had come to this.  A wild west, devoid of rules, allowing shitheads to suck the fun out of the game by violating the rules of physics.  People were going 30 kills no deaths using only revolvers, floating in the ceilings, and all manner of annoying cheating.  The uber-realistic game I had showered praise upon just months earlier was reduced to a glitched out haven for anarchists.  I tried playing day after day, jumping server to server, but the fun was gone.

Hell, I even tried to go back to the original maps, outside of Close Quarters, but the fun was gone there too.  I had become so spoiled and accustomed to the fast pace of indoor brawls that the sparse and wide open original maps I once loved were too slow and boring for me.  Now we sit upon the precipice of getting Armored Kill, some of the biggest maps in a DLC release ever, and all I can do is look at it with dread, especially since we aren’t graced with the giant 64-player battles the PC gamers get.  I imagine it shall be a bleak and lonely affair, one I can no longer avoid because my drunken self shelled out the cash for Premium.

And so here I sit.  I’ve gone back and forth like a skitzophrenic trying to choose a cell phone, attempting to determine since last year which game is ultimately better, MW3 or BF3.  And in the end, hell, neither.  I reckon I’m gonna play some Saints Row 3 and wait for Borderlands 2.


4 Comments to “The one where the honeymoon ended with Battlefield 3.”

  1. The last sentence shows your wisdom.

  2. Guess you missed all my bitching about it!

    Traded BF3 in sometime after they initiated private servers and ALL the official servers went MIA. Ranted about it on the Dead Console for weeks straight. Got flamed like mad from all the fan boys for it too. Hell, those morons still drop by the blog to voice their idiotic drivel. The addition of private servers was a good thing, the addition of private servers in lieu of official servers ruined the game. I even had money in my gaming budget set aside to purchase all the DLC, I bought Arkham City GOTY instead.

    EA and DICE shifted their responsibility for providing safe reliable servers to the customer. This may be fine for PC where the gaming community tends to be smaller and tighter units of people, but in a console market dominated by children who are still old enough to be called children and twenty to thirty somethings who have some serious egotesticle issues and will never learn to properly process their anger at this point in life it was an epic fail. Official servers are par for the course on console editions of any FPS. They have to be. It’s the only way to hop into a reliable game. As far as I’m concerned official servers are part of the $60 package I pay for. In this respect I feel EA cheated me out of my money. If I had known I would have to purchase a server to play the game or be at the whims and mercy of maniacal, unscrupulous gamers I would never have purchased the game.

    I’d hate to say it, it does give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to see the problems still persisting. I figured they would only get worse with the addition of those frag maps. I’m glad I traded it in. I only got $10 for it. Funny thing is I looked at the trade in price a week after the issues started and it was $20. Less than a week later it had dropped to $10, so you know everyone was trading that sucker in. I traded Lag Ops in at the same, I got $15 for Lag Ops. Went and bought Fallout 3 GOTY with the trade in value for both games.

    I’m done with MP FPS. The games can’t get any better because the community can’t get any better.

  3. Great game, but I have to agree the private servers took a lot of fun out of it. You have to wonder though if all the cheating will catch up with them eventually, whether it’s promoted on the server or not.

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