Battlefield 3 DLC – Close Quarters

I’ve been gone for two months, and in that time, literally nothing has happened in the video game or pop culture world.  That’s why it was such a pleasant surprise to me when I found out that the newest DLC for Battlefield 3, Close Quarters, was released yesterday.  I dusted off the ole Playstation, searched for my BF3 disc, and paid my cable bill.  And when I got online to get it, I was shocked to discover that it required Battlefield Premium.  I didn’t let that stop me (though the nearly 2 gigs of updates I had to download almost did) and installed the newest four maps:

Ziba Tower, Donya Fortress, Operation 925, and Scrapmetal.

Let me first say that I really enjoy the levels.  They aren’t so cramped or claustrophobic to where strategy goes out the window (something I was concerned about) nor are they too big to where you miss the vehicles.  Instead, they are well designed and flow perfectly.  We see a great deal of variation between the maps as well, unlike Back to Karkand, so that playing the new maps never gets repetitive.  And they are  beautifully textured and very well done.  One of the greatest aspects of these new maps is the added destruction.  At one point I found myself slinging rounds through my Pecheneg LMG at enemies behind some pillars, and the pillars all began to disintegrate and crumble.  And nothing makes a game like blind firing off the last round from your .44 Magnum through a brick shower divider and seeing “Headshot +10” appear on your screen.  The wall had a gaping hole in it now, easily showing the devastation.  Each level starts off looking pretty decent.  By the end of every round they are in ruins.

And of course we get new assignments as well, which means new guns.  And I’m very excited about earning these newest weapons.  The first one I unlocked was the coveted bullpup AUG, one I gained respect for during my time playing Black Ops.  There is also the combat shotgun SPAS-12 and even the M5K SMG.  Like B2K, these assignments seem pretty tough to earn, which is always a fun way of extending gameplay time while we wait for the next DLC drop in September.  Here is my assignment progress below:

Finally, we get a new game mode called Gun Master.  Exceedingly similar (though no complaints) to Gun Game in the CoD universe, this game starts you out with a humble pistol, forcing you to get kills as quickly as possible to upgrade to bigger and better things.  Fall behind, and I did quite a bit, and you’ll find yourself with a revolver against people with assault rifles.  As an added note, Premium members get a new knife, though the differences are purely cosmetic.

Has anyone else purchased Premium and gained access to Close Quarters yet?  Tell us your thoughts below!


2 Comments to “Battlefield 3 DLC – Close Quarters”

  1. Was wondering where you went. Welcome back.

    • Real life got in the way and I got pretty busy, and unfortunately I became very disappointed in how long it’s been since I’d updated. Oh well. Back now and hope to keep it that way!

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