Battlefield 3 DLC: The Good, The Bad, The…

Battlefield 3 came out back in October, around five months ago.  And in that time I’ve sunk over 100 hours into the game.  As disappointed as my parents surely are in my life’s progression, and as clearly as my love life has withered, I’ve still managed to find happiness in what I considered 2011’s greatest game.  Not long after the game was released we got our first taste of DLC from DICE in the form of Back to Karkand.  Now, DICE doesn’t consider their DLC to be simply map-packs, as those over at the Call of Duty headquarters do.  No, they claim their DLC is instead “expansion packs”, and I’m inclined to agree.  Not only did we get new maps with B2K, but we got new weapons, assignments, and vehicles as well.  I once said that Back to Karkand was a must-have, and I stand by that.  It expands the game exponentially, and any fan of the series has to have it by now; otherwise they’ve sold the game back for what I can only assume is Sonic vs. Mario: London Olympics.

Thanks, JSixGun, for the throw-away joke.

Anyway, after months of waiting, we’ve finally heard some info concerning new BF3 DLC.  I’m happy to say that it will be original content instead of just revisiting old maps.  My old friend over at The Dead Console Society goes into great detail on this DLC news, which was released today at the GDC, and you should definitely check it out.  As for the DLC, we’ll be getting our next taste of Battlefield “newness” in the form of an expansion pack called Close Quarters, to be released in June.  Now, as excited as I am about this announcement, I still find it odd that we have to wait around eight months from release to see our next dose of DLC.  Some may argue that they need that time to make sure everything is right, but considering that the B2K weapons are still glitched up beyond repair on the maps they were made for, I’m not so certain that EA is fully concerned with removing glitches, and is instead concentrating on other games.

Yeah, this still hasn't been fixed.

But whatever.  We’ve now been told that we’re getting three new chunks of content for 2012, and here they are:

Close Quarters

Close Quarters will be an infantry-only map, meaning that we won’t see any additional vehicles come June.  Instead, we’ll be placed into smaller maps, including a posh high-rise for our battles to take place in.  The destruction is going to be turned up beyond what we’re used to, so that debris will be flying in our faces as we fight over the objectives.  They’ve released a preview on Youtube which I’ve embedded below.  It seems far smaller than what we’re used to when it comes to Battlefield, so I’m not sure if it will borrow from the problems Call of Duty has been plagued with.  Regardless, one of the levels will be called Ziba Tower.  We (supposedly) get new weapons and definitely four new levels, but no vehicles.  I have to say the video looks impressive.  It looks to be intense and full-throttled, the main reasons I fell in love with the genre in the first place.  What I do wonder about is whether all semblence of strategy will be discarded in exchange for a more random run-and-gun style of gameplay.  Either way, if it ends up being as chaotic as it looks, I’m certain fun will be had.

One thing that kills me though is that the mode Rush won’t be included in this DLC.  It has been my favorite style of gameplay since I got the game, and I’m sad to see we won’t be able to play it, though it doesn’t seem the maps are designed for such extended gameplay.  Instead, we’ll be getting a strange hybrid called Conquest Domination, which those at Just Push Start have described in greater detail here.  I certainly have my reservations about this DLC, but make no mistake, I will be buying it when it is released in June.  However, some of the hesitation about Close Quarters I have appears to be mitigated in the next DLC they will release, called Armored Kill.

Armored Kill

Armored Kill is yet to have a release date, and as such there is far less info concerning this next installment.  However, one thing that piqued my interest is the fact that it will have “the largest map in Battlefield 3 history.”  Rumor has it that we will see tons of new vehicles, including the famed Black Hawk helicopter, and the battles in Armored Kill will revolve heavily around massive vehicle battles.  Clearly this is quite the opposite of Close Quarters, and because of that balance, I’m highly eager to play both.  I still hold out hope that we’ll see a snow level or something set in America (as the Middle East has been done to death in this series) but only time will tell.  Hell, if we’re getting Black Hawks, maybe we’ll even get a map set in Mogadishu.

End Game

The last installment of DLC we’ll be seeing for Battlefield 3 will be coming next winter.  Almost no information has been released at this time.  Though rumors have swirled ever since the game’s release that there might be a dinosaur addition to the game, we’ve yet to hear any confirmation of this from the developers.  However, there are a couple of Easter eggs in the game featuring dinosaurs, and tons of conspiracy theories out there on various websites discussing the BF3/Dinosaur connection.  Here are a couple of the in-game references:

From the single player.

Easter Egg on Wake Island.

My hope is that End Game will include dinosaurs in some way.  Hell, this isn’t based upon any information or anything other than my hopes, but I would be estatic if we saw some sort of Nazi Zombie mode in Battefield 3, only including dinosaurs.  To mow down velociraptors with my Pecheneg is just…well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Either way, at this time we don’t know anything about End Game, but there are plenty of things on the horizon to keep us waiting and playing.  Battlefield 3 won’t be going back to GameStop anytime soon, at least not for me…


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