Why I am Excited for Family Guy: Online by JSixGun

By JSixGun

Have you heard of the new free to play MMO coming out? If you read the title to my article; congrats, now you do. If that doesn’t make you want to load up the giggty gun you must be an American Dad fan. Actually, I am too. I find Roger’s plight of an outsider who constantly tries to meld in to western culture quite alluring. In vino veritas, right?

Giggity, giggity, giggity, giggity, giggity...

You’re probably thinking this game will be poorly made and boring after the first day. Well I too share those feelings and would have written it off before I saw the opening trailer for it. Roll it Youtube!

So why am I excited about it? Well I am keeping my fingers crossed I can talk JimmyPaperboy, and MortarnPistol into playing it with me. You see, I think we can be the ultimate Quohog citizens denizens. Who knows the kind of adventures we could have. We could make trouble; oh we could make sweet fist bumping, flash-backing, giggling trouble. So what’s the give? How do you play? Well you would first need to pick a character class. You do this by picking a character based on a Family Guy star, which functions as a class. Are you aggressive, do you have little man syndrome, are you an evil genius? If yes you might pick, Stewie.

“Quit reading this article now. Oh hey Louis- watcha doin?”

If you pick a “Stewie class” you would specialize in gadgets and ranged battle. Also you would be a little baby that you get to customize. Sounds cool right, but what if you don’t like the runt? There are other options indeed. You can pick a Chris/ Meg class, who operate as hybrid roles. If you choose the obese teenager persona you have the right to get ticked off at society for all sorts of things; for example, banning dancing in your town because driving to another town just to dance is way too inconvenient.

“Ughhhh Meg, why did dad stick a naked picture of himself doing yoga in your lunch again?”

Do you fancy your self a fat man? Are you brave enough to face giant chickens? Then a morbidly obese Peter Griffin class is for you! Just don’t wear tight pants. Peter Griffin’s class looks like a pure tank with a little crowd control thrown in. If you chose this class your loud and boisterous personality would draw enemies to you like Meg does an insult.

“Seriously Louis, I don’t know what’s cooler; a popped collar or a denim jacket?”

Finally we have the Louis class, which I will wager will be the least used class in the game. Louis just doesn’t seem as interesting, but I will give you the skinny on her anyway. Her very class description reads as follows, “I am very tough and I know lady karate, which is just like regular karate, except with a lot of crying and behind the scenes name calling. I’m good at healing my teammates…what I’m trying to say is choose me if your friend is already a “peter.” Well said Louis, well said.

The Louis character creation screen.

Bryan is a class too; however, no info has been leaked about him. And don’t worry, I wouldn’t forget to answer the most pressing question…Yes, babies with mullets have been confirmed.

By JSixGun


6 Comments to “Why I am Excited for Family Guy: Online by JSixGun”

  1. I signed up on the site to try and get picked for beta, and was able to make two character’s. I created one “peter” class. I created a fat guy with a red mullet and matching goatee, adorned him with a red Hawaiian shirt (yellow flowers), some blue sweat pants, and green crocks. I named him Tim Techbit and he is your local phone customer service guy. I assure you his cubicle is filled with x-men posters and ninja swords.

    The other character I created was “Stewie” character except I created a little asian girl instead. She well, looks asian along with wearing a skull t-shirt, diaper, and combat boots. Her name is Lina Pang.

  2. Not yet! But I’m in the running. You have to sign up and there is chance you will get picked to play early. go to familyguyonline.com to sign up for it, if you do they let you play with the character creation screen. The cool thing is you don’t need awesome specs to play it so it should be pretty accessible.

  3. I’m a bit sceptical to say the least about this game. However, it is a shame that there’s always a healer class that no one likes to use. Maybe they’ll beef it up like Battlefield Bad Company 2 did and hand the Louis class an LMG.

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