Assassins Creed III Rumors

By JSixGun

Today I was diverted from my continual search for new Kingdoms of Amalur / Mass Effect 3 news when I found an article detailing new leaks for Assassins Creed III. To my great pleasure, the rumor is that the new AC will take place during none other than the….American Revolution.  That’s right, and while we can’t substantiate the rumors yet, I am keeping my fingers crossed because that sounds simply amazing. Reports suggest we should see the new reveal by the end of March; so a little time yet.

Yo King George, wassup?

Just a few thoughts:

Following the typical Assassins Creed format, we will need a few mentors to help guide us through the realm of political assassinations. The American Revolution is ripe with potential Obi-One’s for our cause. Take Benjamin Franklin: he could be our tinkerer. Can you imagine Ole’ Ben Franklin designing a killing machine for you out of his many inventions? Or say perhaps Thomas Jefferson could be our philosopher; the one who guides our assassin on a road to justice and greater knowledge. And lastly, George Washington himself could lead us into battle and supply us with men and resources needed to make war. It would work; I’m a believer.

This is why it would work:

George Washington is already set up in AC lore as a possessor of an Apple of Eden. Furthermore, the American Revolution is knee deep in stories of secret societies; many of the founders’s where Free Masons after all.  So check this out:

On the left we have the symbol of the Free Masons; on the right the symbol of the Assassins. The resemblance is obvious.

However, not only were many of the founding fathers Free Masons (George Washington chief among them), but it is proven historical record that Washington ran an extremely secretive and advanced spy ring during the revolution that focused on espionage, infiltration, and sabotage. History has basically given Ubisoft an amazing historical story on a silver platter.

George Washington: Laying the foundation for ACIII since the 1700's.

Lastly, I’ll mention that the British Monarch that the newly formed United States fought against was King George III.   Think about it – Assassins Creed III- see it?

By JSixGun


12 Responses to “Assassins Creed III Rumors”

  1. You have actually gotten me really excited. I hope we end up with a Colonial Creed.

  2. O . O
    Imagine the weapons that would come from this? And perhaps the chance to use a gun for sniping…

  3. MortarandPistol, if you like History I’m telling you man start out with AC II it starts you out going through Rome in the time of the Borgia’s and Machiavelli; you meet all of the above. You may even assassinate some very historical figures that died in that time period.

  4. An AC grounded in the American Revolution would spark my interest in the series again. I loved AC2 but Brotherhood was AC2.1, more of the same. I haven’t even bothered with Revelations.

    And you’re on to something with a WW1 shooter as well. So long as it isn’t all trench warfare and turkey shoots. You know what else would be nice? A new Red Baron game. Maybe a combination of the two. An open world WW1 shooter with flyable bi-planes.

  5. Any information about the new ‘Assassin’s Creed’, even theories like these, gets me excited. I can’t wait for the new game. Great article.


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