Three Deux Ex Technologies That Are More Real Than You Think

By JSixGun

I really enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The capacity to upgrade your body with awesome biotic abilities in a way to foster your own kind of game play was as solid as a Skyrim sweet roll. That’s why in this article I’ll be looking at some real life tech that is leading us to the new age of Sarif Industries; who knows maybe Adam Jenson is just a few innovations away.

Lord knows I need my hater blockers built in.

Artificial Lungs

The idea of an artificial lung isn’t new to anyone. We’ve had similar devices for a while now; the quandary is they are plagued by problems of practicality. For example, most artificial breathing devices are cumbersome and require pure oxygen. In case you skipped middle school science class, our air is not pure oxygen (It is actually a mix of oxygen, hydrogen, and the breath of leprechauns which explains rainbows…I think). Because of the reliance on pure oxygen, artificial breathing devices can sometimes limit one’s mobility to just about no where; meaning that you can’t really leave your house.

In Deus Ex, however, ole’ Adam can get a lung augmentation which doesn’t involve the carrying around of pure oxygen tanks (which is good because I don’t know if they would have fit in all of those air vents I was crawling around in during my play through). Soon we might possibly be able to get the same. Researchers in Cleveland have designed an artificial lung which reaches the efficiency of the actual organ; ipso facto can breathe real air. Within the decade they expect to have human-scale artificial lungs in clinical trials. While this could be groundbreaking for people who suffer various types of lung disease, I believe the innovation could expand further. Consider for a moment 25 years down the road the ability to implant an artificial lung that can filter out carcinogens and harmful gases, or maybe lungs that could retain oxygen much more efficiently. Who knows maybe we could hold our breath longer underwater, not get as tired running that mile, or climb mountains easier. The possibilities are quite fascinating. (The tobacco companies should invest in this, it would keep their customers alive much longer.)

Robotic/Weaponized Limbs

Prosthetics (Prostheses?) are common place. However, one could safely assume that in the near future our prosthetics could get a technological revamp. In the words of Popular Science Magazine, “imagine a brain-controlled robotic arm that also packed its own connected computer/smartphone/auxiliary devices?” Well imagine no more.

In the UK, a gentleman by the name of Trevor Prideaux, was born without his left arm; as a result he was finding it extremely hard to use his smart phone device and text. The solution? They built a prosthetic arm with a built in smart phone dock.

Now imagine in 10 years how powerful our computers will be? Now integrate that technology into the human body. We could possibly never get lost again. Or imagine walking through the store and your built in computer is totaling up everything you’re buying before you get to the register, tax and all. Want to know how hard you can throw a baseball? Just throw it and your computer will tell you. Whatever you could imagine would probably be possible. Now all we need to do is weaponize it.

Augmented Vision

“Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes!” If you recognize that quote from an old classic video game you’re awesome. Shall we go for the eyes? We shall indeed.

You may or may not be surprised to know that to an extent robotic eyes are already being used. One man, Rob Spence, had his bad eye removed with an eye that holds a built in camera. He calls himself an “Eyeborg” and this is his story which he relates to none other than? Deus: Ex. Enjoy.

By JSixGun


One Comment to “Three Deux Ex Technologies That Are More Real Than You Think”

  1. Fantastic Post! I want the gun arm! This is great stuff. It is wild all the advances going on that you don’t even know about.

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