Kingdoms of Amalur Demo – First Impressions

Written by Jsixgun

I’m not going to besmirch your good integrity by starting this short article with a lie. What I will start it out with is a very clever elaboration of a half truth; Mortarnpistol supports internet censorship (SOPA). He will tell you he doesn’t while he adjusts his bow tie and tap dances on his soap box of lies, but he basically would like all the internets  regulated by lawyers. You see, he feels like the internet is kind of like Call of Duty; useful for idiots, while the citizens who value liberty and free speech are obviously Battlefield fans. What he doesn’t know is that Obama prefers Just Dance 2, and Mitt Romney can’t get enough of Zelda: Skyward Sword. You are reading this on the internet so odds are all you support Ron Paul; well he doesn’t understand how his TI-86 calculator installs Xbox live yet, but he is working on it. I think I have effectively put enough buzz words for this to show up in a Google search one day (Search: Obama Just Dance 2 SOPA Mitt Romney Zelda and see what you get; if you don’t get this article than Google is built on a house of lies). Moving on.

I have been looking forward to this day for about a week and half because I knew the Demo for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was coming out. This is a game I have previously written briefly about, and one that has really garnered much of my attention since I first read about it. So what did I think? What should you think when your boss will undoubtedly ask you about it tomorrow? Well, have no fears, because as long as you make your opinion match my opinion exactly, everyone will soon see you for the shining star you truly are.

For one, it's pretty. Not that natural pretty, but the kind-of-pretty after makeup. You know what I'm talking about...

A lot of people will be immediately turned off by its cartoonish graphics. I can actually understand this whole heartedly. I for one hate games where people are running around with swords six feet long, swinging them around like an idiot with a baseball bat. Nothing wrong with stupid people at all, they just shouldn’t be handed baseball bats is all I’m saying. If this is you and you immediately write this game off for its graphical design, I urge you to consider it was developed by the artist who gave us the Spawn comic books. By that I mean, no; it is not a realistic and gritty world like Skyrim. It is however, a very well designed world with vista’s every bit as kind on the eyes if you give it an honest chance. It explores every part of the color palette, not just blues, greens, and grays. Honestly it grows on you.

The combat was roughly what you would expect; very smooth and a little better thought out than just hitting the “awesome” button over and over. It had some rhythm to it and promised only to increase in quality as you specialized by honing in your play style.

The truth is this game has probably everything an RPG enthusiast like me would want in a new IP. Lots of loot, lots of options, a big world, and a lot of lore will make countless hours of adventuring a memorable experience to be certain. Better yet, you can tell it was all done with care and a sense of excellence that can be a rare find in games today (Two Worlds this is not).

This is not a game for everyone, and I don’t love everything about it. For one, I prefer a voiced protagonist.  However, I am well aware that others royally hate them (see Bioware’s Dragon Age forums for argument infinitum). As I mentioned earlier, I would have liked toned-down weaponry, but these are just small gripes, which I assure you will have no bearing on whether or not I love this game on Febuary 7th – when it releases. If you like RPG’s you owe to yourself to give this very rich and wonderful new world a try in the demo. If you hate RPG’s, run and go by your self an affliction t-shirt; quick now and don’t tarry.

Written by Jsixgun


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