What Would Happen If We Made Shooters Realistic

Nothing makes me happier than controversy.  When something controversial pops up in the news, I’m glued to it, especially when it involves something I enjoy.  So a few years back when GTA was getting all those suburban moms worried about their precious snowflakes becoming prostitute stranglers, I grabbed some popcorn and watched the idiocy unfold.  But it seems that since Jack Thompson got disbarred, the war against violent video games has died down to the point that I’m wondering where the furor is.  I mean, the biggest game of the year (for better or worse) was Modern Warfare 3, a violent military shooter, and it didn’t really raise a peep from the family values crowd.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that no one’s out trying to ban our games, but you can’t deny watching someone whine on TV about a game they’ve never played is at least entertaining.  Watching people cry on the news about stupid things is better than most television shows these days.

She was mostly sad that her key demographic doesn't own TVs.

And so it was, that I found myself with some Double XP I had to use before the new year came around.  I was playing MW3 with my buddy and I got to thinking.  This game isn’t really violent at all.  Sure, you’ve got realistic weapons, and you use them to constantly shoot other people.  But it’s so dumbed down that all realism is gone.  Every FPS these days, it seems, involves an arbitrary number of shots to take someone down.  They hit the person and their overall health decreases before they die, and a little .gif of blood pops out.  That’s it.  It’s not that we’ve been desensitized, it’s that we haven’t been given a proper shooter, something that adds realism to the most basic part of the game, i.e. being shot.

With all due respect to Goldeneye, this might not be the most realistic thing ever...

For those of you that played Rage, you know that it did a great job of not only being beautiful, but also giving great animations to the fights.  When you shot one of those mutants in the leg, they’d stumble.  If you shot them in the head, it would kick back and send blood everywhere.  That game could have been amazing if it weren’t for the complete lack of story, but it certainly gives us a starting point to work with.  My point is is that developers of shooters are doing everything they can to make the graphics realistic, the cities detailed, the guns perfect recreations, and the physics exact.  They’ve done all this, but the violence is left at the door.  Sure, Battlefield has extreme explosions, devastation, and “violence” galore, but what it doesn’t have is the human element.  If a shooter can’t properly make being shot realistic, then the core principle behind the game is lacking.

Mortal Kombat had the right idea.

My point being that we need a truly realistic shooter.  I don’t like over-the-top, gratuitous gore that’s added solely for shock, and so games like Manhunt 2 aren’t appealing to me, and I hate the Saw movie franchise.  But I wouldn’t mind seeing a shooter made with actual realism when it comes to the shooting, so that we have more than just some red splashes.  The shooters we have today, which should honestly be the most violent games out there, aren’t really that violent, and they aren’t entirely realistic when the shots just detract from a total of hit points, multiplied based upon the area one’s being shot at.  In my opinion, at least, being shot in the leg shouldn’t kill you, but it should slow you down.  Being shot in the arm could maybe affect your aim, but multiple arm shots shouldn’t kill you either.  A throwing knife to the foot shouldn’t be an instant kill, and fifteen bullets to the chest shouldn’t just harm you pretty bad, where you can rest and heal.

Also, I doubt being shot in the dick makes your vision go red...or does it?

I’m not knocking the shooters we have out now.  You guys know how much I rave about Battlefield 3 being pretty much the best game ever, and I play MW3 more often than I’d like to admit.  But I do think a perfectly realistic shooter that involves realistic consequences of being shot would be nothing short of badass.  The gore of a real war would turn the intensity of the matches up to 11 and that is, at least from my perspective, the one missing link to a perfect game.  Plus, it’s about time we have an extremely violent game worrying parents again…it’s been far too long.


4 Comments to “What Would Happen If We Made Shooters Realistic”

  1. I agree lets turn it up to 11. When ever i mention hey that guns is this or that is that. everyone else in the room says “shut-up!”. I want to see things get real. Simulate recoil with a full size part metal gun and you would have to do mag reloads and every thing. More realistic is always a good thing.

    The Ad “moms hate dead space 2” was super funny. It makes me laugh ever time. It is funny to see people talk about something they know nothing about. Great Great Post!

  2. This is one of those be careful what you ask for things.

    The dynamics of the game would be annoying for everyone. Everyone would basically be a sniper. One shot one kill and I’m one of those people that feel that snipers have no place in a shooter (though in BF3 they are a lot more manageable.) In CoD the entire game would hedge on who has the best connection. Which shot the network code registered first. It would put a whole new face on rage quitting.

    It would be like the perma-death thing many MMORPG(s) have explored. It would only appeal to such a minute amount of players that implementation would not be financially feasible.

    • Oh I know, but ever since I was young I’ve always wanted to see games become more realistic. Just think of the levels of advancement we’ve seen since Goldeneye till now. I think eventually we’ll be able to see more realistic shooting mechanics implemented in a good way, one that somehow addresses the legitimate problems you’ve pointed out. As Mr. Ian Malcolm so wisely stated, “life, uh, finds a way.” Except you know, technology.

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