The Anatomy of My Bioware Romances, Part Three: Dragon Age: Origins – Jsixgun

I can’t say enough about Dragon Age: Origins, but let me first start by saying to enjoy it you have to be a certain type of rascal.  You have to enjoy the old school RPG feel, the searching for loot, the sheer amount of lore, and reading through lots of dialogue to make sure you pick the right choices for yourself.  In Origins your protagonist is not voiced (hence the reading) while all other NPC’s and companion character’s are.  It was touted as being the spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate series, which if you’ve read anything I’ve written so far, you’ll know made a huge impact on my gaming tastes.  So obviously I’m the exact kind of rascal it was made for.

These are NOT the rascal’s I’m talking about.

What Dragon Age: Origins lacked in graphics it really made up for in story.  If there is one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s a good cheeseburger; if there’s a second thing I’m a sucker for, it’s a good story.  The “origins” part of Dragon Age: Origins laid the foundation for that story and did it like no game had ever done before.  Many games let you pick different classes and races, but Dragon Age made those choices into wholly unique stories.  If you are an elitist at heart and chose the human noble origin then the first hour of your game was spent in your keep, fending off invaders and trying to figure out who attacked your family and why.  If you’ve watched Braveheart one too many times like I have, you may have picked the Daelish Elf origin were you’re part of sect of elves who are forced to live in the wilderness away from cities because elves are treated as second class citizens.  However, there were other options and in each origin your character experienced something tragic but wholly unique to the other choices which set you forth on your quest. And lucky for us, on that quest you meet some hotties.

Meet Morrigan and Leliana

Now usually I tend to lean towards the prettier, softer, and nicer leading ladies but in DA:O it was not to be.  I will be honest, however, every part of me wanted to pick Leliana.  For one, she had a very hot accent!  But alas, though I did lust for the red head, I went for the dark and sassy one; I chose Morrigan.  And in the end I was glad I did. You see, Morrigan will eventually win you over once you realize she’s not really evil per say, she’s just a rugged individualist.  She favors one path and that path is the one that betters her, not someone else.  And she expects you to do the same.  Not one for courtesy or favors, she demands respect and will be willing to smite you if you don’t give it to her.  Or in other words, she will make you wear black leathers with a rubber ball in your mouth unless you know how to work her.

Oh I worked her. You win her over with a bit of aggressive flair yourself; show her your every bit the go getter she is and she will eventually come your way.  The best part about her is the plot. She is apparently one of the daughter’s of the famed Witch of the Wilds, Flemeth, who plays an integral part in the Dragon Age universe.  Morrigan catches on to a plan the immortal mother has for her and decides to hatch a plan of her own.  Her plan?  Bang you the night before you kill the Archdemon, perform some ritual and bind the soul of the main bad guy with your seed, and thus spawn a god baby.  Yes you read that right.  While you can choose to not go through with it, the idea of getting to see your spawn in a future game was too much to say no to.  So I once again knocked up a chick in a Bioware game.  This is how that went down if you’re so inclined:

I must say that I hope to see Morrigan in future installments because I want to know what happens to my god spawn of a brat kid.  Anyway, my next installment will go back to the Mass Effect Universe where I find out that my Shephard is not too faithful of a bed companion. Til then…


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