My 5 Most Difficult Video Games of All Time

Call of Duty: World at War – Veteran Difficulty

I had beaten the game normally, I had wasted hours fighting online, and I had done the zombie modes to death.  All that was left was to finish up the achievements, which involved beating the game on veteran difficulty.  Most Call of Duty games are tough on veteran, but this game was unique in its ability to make me throw controller after controller into the wall, especially the later levels.  For those who haven’t played it, picture yourself wading knee deep in a sea of grenades as more continue to rain down around you.  Needless to say, the game was sold back and I was left without my For The Motherland prize.

Wipeout HD

A rather fun and additive racing game, a throw back to the Extreme G days of old, I picked up this game after the PSN outtage last spring.  But once I turned my sights on getting the platinum, things went downhill quickly.  The later races, especially the Sebenco Climb track, are near impossible to finish first in, as not only will slowing down for a moment guarantee you last place, but even near perfect run throughs wont be good enough.  The game went from fun to maddening quickly as the difficulty curve shot skywards, and I was forced to play LittleBig Planet just so I could smile again.

The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants

Like most stupid kids, I thought this would be a fun game back in the days of the NES.  I was wrong.  The game gave you no information on what you were supposed to be doing, how to do it, or what was going on.  You had a spray paint can and could see aliens bouncing around, but no way to hurt them.  I played this game many times, probably after I had forgotten just how difficult it was, only to be quickly reminded.  I never beat the first level, either because I died, didn’t know what to do and the time ran out, or quit out of frustration.

Vectorman 2

Vectorman 1 was an amazing game for the Sega Genesis.  Graphically it blew me away, and still looks pretty good today.  You could use new weapons, the animations were great, and I all around loved it.  Then came Vectorman 2, which threw away everything that made the first game fun and replaced it with crap.  The graphics were now dark and made it incredibly difficult to see.  But the main problem was the difficulty had increased exponentially, leaving huge gaps in between checkpoints, and the enemies were unforgiving.  I beat the first game many times, but I never saw the end of Vectorman 2.

The Lion King

And thus here we are at what I consider the hardest video game I’ve ever played.  The Lion King for Sega is obviously made for kids, its based on a movie made for kids at a time when most video games were made for kids.  And yet the ratchet up the difficulty to beyond what even a Mensa society member could comprehend.  There is the level where you ride an ostrich and have to either jump or duck under tree branches, but its glitched so that you often die even when you do it correctly.  There is the above pictured giraffe level, where timing must be perfect or you fall into the swamp.  Of course one can’t forget the infamous stampede level where you might as well just quit while your ahead.  To make the game even more memorable is the fact that you have a limited number of continues, so even if you get past some of the more maddeningly difficult levels, you’ll inevitably die and have to start the entire game over.  I recently found my Sega while moving and attempted to beat the game with some friends, but was still unable to.  I’ve never yet seen the end of this game, but I can only hope Simba dies.


5 Comments to “My 5 Most Difficult Video Games of All Time”

  1. I can attest to Lion King, I had that on Super Nintendo. I did beat Alladin which was my favorite game other than Hook (also very hard).

  2. You forgot Metro NES!!! Super Metro SNES fantastic but for NES was a PAIN! When you die you start with 30 life. some hits by the creatures take of 25 points.

  3. Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

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  5. Nice article. I could not agree more about Bart vs. The Space Mutants. The original Rayman would be up there for me too, but at least that was enjoyable, despite the extreme difficulty.

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