Battlefield 3 Open Beta

In an earlier post I expressed concern over the BF3 console version, wondering if a game made for 64 player match-ups on the PC would translate well into smaller matches.  Today I downloaded the BF3 Beta and got to spend a couple of hours playing it, and I have to say that it is incredible.  You only get one map in the Beta, Operation Metro, which is set in Paris.  The Eiffel Tower looms in the distance, smoke pouring from craters in the street accompanied by echos of gunshots in the distance.  The environments are destructable, meaning as I respawned, I would run towards where the action is, seeing flashes go off, grenades throwing concrete in the air and trees toppling over.  The level is clearly made with incredible detail and the gameplay mechanics are great.  There is an above ground city park area as well as the subway system beneath the Parisian streets.  Jumping over fences lets you see your feet fly forward from beneath you as you leap over them, you are finally able to fully lay prone, and when people aim weapons with laser sights at you, your screen goes red as the laser glares in your eyes.

It looks to be a fantastic game.  There are a few bugs, but of course that’s what a beta is for.  Mostly there were issues with the characters leaning backwards, limbo style, or going knee deep into the ground.  Otherwise, I could see no serious glitches, and the mutliplayer went smoothly and without lag.  I did get a little frustrated as I kept dying often and quickly, and though I know its mostly because I just run and gun without much patience, I also feel like the game is pretty unforgiving when you get shot.  But then again, it is pretty damn realistic.  I just hope online progress carries over when the full game is released.  I will certainly be buying it, and give it a high recommendation.


2 Comments to “Battlefield 3 Open Beta”

  1. Don’t rub it in for us on the 360, whose servers are down right now and have not been able to play all day- not once.

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